About Us 

Edenton Baptist Church, founded in 1817, is a fellowship of Christian believers that is committed to knowing God and making God known. We gather regularly for worship, fellowship, prayer, and spiritual nurture at our church facilities at the corner of Granville and Queen Streets in downtown historic Edenton. 

Edenton Baptist Church has historic ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, but has been a part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) since the Fellowship's formation in 1991. Today, CBF is Edenton Baptist's primary partner for missions and cooperative efforts with other Baptists. We also partner with CBF and North Carolina, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, and the Chowan Baptist Association. 

Our church values traditional Baptist tenets. These include: 

  • Each person's freedom to have a relationship with God.
  • Each person's freedom to interpret scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and in community with others.
  • Religious liberty and the separation of church and state.
  • Each congregation's freedom to determine its leadership and mission. 

Our church joyfully recognizes that God calls both men and women to serve in leadership positions within the church, including service as ordained deacons and ministers. 

We are a multi-generational congregation seeking to nurture the faith of persons of all ages. We have active and ongoing  programs for children and youth as well as opportunities for adults to grow spiritually and fellowship with one another. 

Highlights of History

1811 - Contract with William Nichols to build the Baptist Meeting House in Edenton

1817 - Edenton Baptist Church constituted and B.F. Farnsworth ordained as first pastor.

1825 - Thomas Meredith, whose efforts in education led to the founding of Meredith College, called as third pastor. 

1833 - Meredith founded and edited the North Carolina Baptist Interpreter, which later became the Biblical Recorder.

1870 - Original building of Edenton Baptist Church destroyed by a fire.

1875 - New and enlarged second church building erected.

1920 - Present sanctuary completed and dedicated under the leadership of E.L. Wells.

1992 - 175th anniversary

1995 - Voted to affiliate with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

2003 - Dedication of new fellowship hall