How to Join Edenton Baptist Church 

We invite everyone to participate in the activities and ministries of our congregation, and we encourage you to consider joining the membership of Edenton Baptist Church. By doing so, you will benefit from a deeper sense of belonging to the congregation. Likewise, the EBC will benefit from your commitment and support of the mission of the church. 

If you are interested in formally uniting with Edenton Baptist Church, we receive members in one of three ways: 

  • By your profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior followed by believer's baptism by immersion. 
  • By transfer of membership from another Christian congregation in which you professed your faith and were baptized. 
  • By your personal statement of faith, indicating that you have made your personal profession of faith earlier in life and that you were baptized. 

While Edenton Baptist Church practices believer's baptism for all new believers, we are glad to recognize other forms of Christian baptism if you are seeking to join from another denomination in which you were baptized and later made your profession of faith in ways such as confirmation.